You did it! You completed the 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge with Detox phase (Cut, Clean, Flush) and then moved to Ignite (Burn, Sculpt, Restore). You also maintained a focus on your cardiovascular fitness, resistance training and aimed for 10k steps each day. We hope you feel rejuvenated and energized! Your gut is healthy and able […]

28 Day Challenge THRIVE

Phase 3 is THRIVE! This is your time to take the health habits of the 28 Day Challenge and adopt them as the way to fuel your body. You also have knowledge and experience to share with others and can help them their health and wellness goals!

28 Day Challenge – Cardiovascular Fitness

There is a method and science to strengthening your cardiovascular system (heart & lungs). Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking at the end of the parking lot to increase your walking distance is NOT a cardio program, but rather a great example of NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). Both cardio and NEAT are […]

28 Day Challenge – Phase 1

The 28 Day Challenge KICK OFF is Saturday, September 9 at 8am at 14405 Telge Road, Cypress 77429 Join us to learn more about the GAME CHANGING 28 Day Challenge. If you are having stubborn issues or hit a plateau, the 28 Day Challenge can help you start seeing results again. If you are just […]

Why should you join the 28 Day Challenge?

Michael Romig gives his personal guarantee of YOUR success with this challenge. What is the 28-Day Challenge? It is a focus on clean eating for gut health. Think of it as a spa vacation for your gut! As a benefit, you will sleep better, have more energy, overcome stubborn issues and plateaus, and get a boost to […]

SINGLE LEG RDL – Move Well to Move Often

Installment 11 of our MOVE WELL TO MOVE OFTEN education series: Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift. The single leg Romanian deadlift adds balance to the exercise. You challenge your static balance and the sensory systems of vision, proprioception and equilibrium when standing on one leg. Stand on the left leg and bend the knee of […]

GROUND-UP SQUATS – Move Well to Move Often

Installment 9 of our MOVE WELL TO MOVE OFTEN education series: ground up squats. The combination of corrective exercises in the ground ups is an excellent way to increase body awareness of the five points of the kinetic chain. Avoid rushing through the movements so you can concentrate on good form at every point. The […]

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