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Be sure to wear gym clothes that are comfortable and loose fitting. We recommend wearing tennis shoes, shorts, and a T-shirt. If you are a woman, we would recommend wearing a sports bra underneath your T-shirt and bringing a hair tie to keep your hair out of your face.
Be sure to bring a gym bag, workout towel, and water bottle. We also recommend bringing your phone, so we can show you how to download documents that will help you be successful. There is a water fountain or you can also buy bottled water in case you forget to bring your own. There is also a shower and dressing room in case you need to change your clothes or take a shower before work.
There are cubbyholes located in the group room and in the gym. You can also keep your belongings in the bathroom if you prefer. Please remember that PG Fit is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen, or misplaced.
The workouts are approximately 45 minutes long from start to finish. Our classes start at the top of the hour and will finish fifteen minutes until the next hour. We recommend coming to class 5 to 10 minutes early to do your soft tissue work or foam rolling exercises prior to starting the warm-up.
The format of the class varies from month to month and depends on the program you are involved in. The group classes will always start with tactical breathing and a dynamic warm-up, then we will get into the program design for the day and we will always finish with a cool-down and with static stretching. The personal training program will start with your own personal warm-up and corrective exercises, then you will go through a personalized program design and finish with your own static stretches. We will always spend the last 5 minutes of class educating you and helping you develop the habits and lifestyle changes that will help you reach your fitness goals.
You don’t have to wear a heart rate monitor, but we highly recommend you purchase one. This will help the coaches know if you are training in the right target hear rate zones. It will also help us determine if you are training at the right intensity and whether or not we need to adjust the exercises to help you see the best results possible.
The wristband colors represent a movement pattern and motor dysfunction that we need to help you improve. It is extremely important that you wear your wristbands during class so that we know what your limitations are. This helps us customize your program and ensures that we select the exercises that will help you work out safely and electively to see the best results.
If you don’t know what your wristband colors are, just ask one of the coaches and they will help you determine which ones you need to wear. We recommend taking a picture or writing down your colors so you will remember them the next time you come in. If you don’t know which muscles to foam roll, start with your calves, IT bands and lats. These are the three muscle groups that most people need to start with. There is a poster by the foam rollers with a picture of how to roll out each of these muscle groups.
It is very common to feel fatigued or feel like you can’t keep up with everyone else in class. Remember, most of our clients have been training with us for several months or years. We are going to make sure that you take it easy for your first few workouts.
Muscle soreness is not always a good indication that you had a good workout. It is important that you are activating the right muscle groups during the workout and sometime this means that we need to make sure we are lengthening and stabilizing your muscles first. You may not be sore after the first workout.
Be sure to download the PG Fit app in the Apple Store and Android Market. Once you download the app, you will need to ask a coach to help you create a password on the website. Once you have created a password on the website, you can log into to the app on your phone by entering your email address that we have on le and entering the password that you just created on the desktop computer. You will be able to click on the personal/group tab and schedule your next workout under the appropriate class type and time.