Why should you join the 28 Day Challenge?

Michael Romig gives his personal guarantee of YOUR success with this challenge.

What is the 28-Day Challenge? It is a focus on clean eating for gut health. Think of it as a spa vacation for your gut! As a benefit, you will sleep better, have more energy, overcome stubborn issues and plateaus, and get a boost to achieving your health and wellness goals.

Please attend the Kick Off event on Saturday, September 9 at 8am to get all the details. Throughout the month of September, the trainers will provide education and support, and you will also receive playbooks to your member page of the PG Fit website. 

September is going to be the hinge-point of achieving the results that brought you to PG Fit in the first place.  Are you ready?! The trainers and staff are doing the 28-Day Challenge and 10k steps daily WITH YOU, so let’s get started on September 9 at 8am.  

Friends can attend the Kick Off event and participate in the 28 Day Challenge for FREE! They will receive over $350 of services for FREE:

  • the 28-Day Challenge playbook and education
  • access to 12 group workout sessions and unlimited cardio sessions during the 28 days
  • a FREE Fitness Assessment to evaluate their muscle imbalances and identify areas of concern/modification
  • AND we will sponsor their donation Entrusted Houston so they receive a free weigh in for body composition and circumference measurements.

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