SINGLE LEG RDL – Move Well to Move Often

Installment 11 of our MOVE WELL TO MOVE OFTEN education series: Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift.

The single leg Romanian deadlift adds balance to the exercise. You challenge your static balance and the sensory systems of vision, proprioception and equilibrium when standing on one leg.

Stand on the left leg and bend the knee of the right so the right foot is behind you. Left hand on hip. With the right hand, hinge at the hip (avoid rounding your back) and try to reach your left shoe. To return, focus on tightening the glutes to raise yourself to standing. Complete a few reps on this side and then switch sides.

Slow down this movement using a 4 count to hinge and touch the shoe, pause at the bottom of the move for a 2 count, and then use a 4 count to return to standing. Once stability is achieved with this move, you can progress by holding a kettlebell in the hand that reaches for your shoe.

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