Installment 10 of our MOVE WELL TO MOVE OFTEN education series: pulsed-hip flexor mobility.

This is a BLUE corrective movement pattern and one that is rarely done correctly! Listen up – the movement is only a few inches. BUT you have to prepare BEFORE starting the movement for the full benefit. Hip flexors are a group of muscles responsible for flexing the hip and raising the legs. These muscles are essential in movement as you use this muscle group EVERY time you stand or take a step; they also help maintain your stability and posture.

To perform this corrective exercise properly, kneel with one leg up. Make sure the bottom foot is aligned with the down knee and that the bottom foot is braced (on the toe). Make sure the knee of the upper leg is aligned with the hip and ankle. It should have a 90 degree appearance. To start this corrective exercise, tighten the glute muscle of the leg that is down. Pretend you have your hand in your back pocket – that is the location of the muscle that needs to be tightened BEFORE starting the move!! Once the glute muscle is tight, move the upper knee and hip forward as one unit. This movement is only a few inches. The upper knee should not go past the toes.

If you are not feeling a stretch in the hip and upper quad, reset, tighten the glute, HOLD it while doing the move.

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