Win an iPhone 7

I wanted to write you to thank and congratulate you for your commitment to getting in shape.  Did you know that you are part of the 11% of the population that actually exercises on a consistent basis?  Here’s another interesting fact for you… only 2% of the people who exercise actually get results – and you’re a part of that group because you train with us!

We’re always looking for more clients who are ready to change their lives. I’ve found that our best clients come as referrals.  Do you have a friend or co-worker that may want to work with a personal trainer? I’d like to offer them a no obligation, no pressure consultation which includes a free training session.

All you have to do is reply to this email and give me their name, email address and phone number and I’ll personally contact them and let them know that this consultation is a gift from you.  Did I mention you can win a Polar A360 or a new iPhone7?  Thank you for your commitment to getting the body that you deserve.

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