Happy Earth Day! 🌎

What is ONE thing you can do to reduce waste and improve the environment?

Here are some suggestions!

– when you do drive, run all of your errands to reduce multiple trips out.

– give up bottled water completely and invest in a filtering system and reusable water bottles.

– make A MONTHLY purchase from Amazon (or other shipping companies) rather that multiple small purchases throughout the month.

– buy what you will eat and eat what you buy.

– use water wisely – plan irrigation cycles that are most effective for your lawn/garden, take shorter showers, don’t fill sinks all the way up when washing dishes, run dishwashers and washers on efficiency cycles and avoid high demand hours.

– declutter and donate items to local charities.

– reduce time spend on computers, phones, electronics and televisions.

– volunteer to clean up a park or city area.

Beautiful world

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