Toys for Tots & Houston Children’s Charity

Kelsey, Seth, and I are grateful to be able to serve and help you reach your health and fitness goals.  We are also very grateful for the opportunity to be able to give back to our community.  I am proud to say that this year we have donated over $10,000 to different charitable organizations.

Regardless of religious beliefs, most people agree that the purpose of the holiday season is to give thanks for our many blessings and to be charitable like the Savior was.  With that in mind, we are asking you to help us with our final charity this year and donate a toy to the Toys for Tots drive or to the adopted a family program through the National Children’s Charity.

We have been asked to provide Christmas presents to the Swanson family.  Michelle Swanson is the grandmother of four children.  Her daughter was killed in a car accident two years ago and three of the grandchildren now permanently live with her.  Michelle has been very sick and was in in the hospital for a month.  She is only able to work part time, and she is not able to provide the children with many necessities nor Christmas presents this year.  The oldest boy, Antowne (15), was placed in a big bothers program.  The three children that live with her are Kalio (13), Marquet (11), and Hailie (7).

She is asking us to provide the children with underwear, clothes (pants, t-shirts and jackets), socks, and shoes.  She said that they would also like something to play with they like board games, such as Monopoly.  She is also asking us to provide them with a bunk bed frame, twin bed, and living room furniture.  If you have specific questions for me about their needs, please feel free to text us at 832-303-7004.

Next week, December 10th -15th we are asking you to bring a toy or donation to your next workout for the Toys for Tots drive or for the Swanson family.  I have provided you with a couple of pictures of the family below so you can get to know the Swanson family.  May you have a blessed holiday season!



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