Happy Mother’s Day

Hey Friend,

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and if you are looking for a last minute gift then  make sure to read below.  But first, I would like you to watch this video of one our clients and are very own Karina.  Donia is an inspiration to us all!  She is the mother of two beautiful girls, and she has helped her whole family get fit.  They have lost almost 150 pounds, and now they have a healthy and active lifestyle.  Watch the video below to learn her secret!

watch video

If you’ve been looking for something incredible to get the mom in your life then you need to read every single word of this email.  We are giving you one of our nutrition programs absolutely free and $100 off our personal training programs for the first month.  If you would like to get one of our nutrition programs, please click here.

As you well know, moms are constantly taking care of others…whether they’re shuttling kids to and from school and practices or preparing dinner for the entire family…they are always putting someone else first.

By giving them the gift of one of our Best Nutrition and Personal Training Programs you’re giving them more than just the best nutrition and training in Cypress…you’re telling them that they deserve to focus on themselves and that you support them in being the best version of themselves.

So if you want to give the gift that can help the mom in your life look and feel their best while getting to have some dedicated time each week that is about them, then take advantage of our Mother’s Day Special Offer and get one of our nutrition programs for free and take $100 off the first month of any of our training programs.

If you want to give the ultimate gift to mom, you can click on the links above, reply to this email or call us at 832-303-7004 and we’ll help you make this a Mother’s Day to remember.

Be Fit,

Michael Romig – BS, CN, FMS, YFS, PES, CES & RES

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