HAND WALKS – Move Well to Move Often

Installment 3 of our MOVE WELL TO MOVE OFTEN education series: Hand Walks

This is a RED corrective movement pattern that prepares the torso for pushups, planks, and bench press. The key to perform this corrective with precision is to keep the HIPS aligned with the spine and head. As the hands walk out, the plane of the hips remains the same. The hips do not hinge or bend. Your body is one straight line from the knees to hips to shoulders to neck and head.

The hands start directly under the shoulders, hips in alignment with the spine and head, with toes on the ground. One at a time, the hands walk about 6-10 inches forward and return to the original position under the shoulders. The hips remain aligned, core braced to avoid rocking side-to-side as the hands move up and back.

To progress this move, from the starting position lift the knees to a high plank position (only on toes and hand like the start of a push up). Without rocking side-to-side, lift the right hand and touch the back of the left hand and return the right hand to the start position. Repeat with the other side. This is called the Davies Exercise.

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