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When it comes to achieving your goals, we believe that it’s important to learn how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Without this, it’s hard to keep you healthy and going strong throughout your busy day! So, turn to us as your complete solution when it comes to looking, feeling, and performing your very best.

Did you download the PG Fit app and do you know how to sign up for classes?


Did you download the InBody app to track your body composition?

Do you know what your corrective exercise colors are and why they are important?


Did you create a account and do you know how to log in?

Did you complete the GPS system prior to scheduling your success session?


Did you complete your success session and fill out the goal card?

Did you receive the 28-Day Jump Start meal plan?

Were you given a structured cardiovascular program to follow?

Were you given supplement recommendations to help you turbocharge your results?

Were you given a corrective exercise program to follow? Do you know what foam rolling exercises, correctives, and stretches you should be doing before and after the workout?

Did you receive your username and password and do you know how to log into the membership site?

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