Toby K.

Everybody has excuses. I was no different. Too tired, too busy, too early, too late. Add on top of those the medical excuses such as four surgeries removing most of the cartilage from both knees, two lower back surgeries for herniated discs, and Parkinson’s disease and you get me….at nearly 300 pounds. I had almost given up on ever being able to do anything “athletic”. Just getting out of bed took 30 minutes.

Stairs….forget it. Running…not even in my vocabulary. I had gotten this stupid idea of joining a gym, thinking it would magically transform me to the shape I was when I graduated college. It took about a month or two to get enough courage to walk in the gym. My first class was with Michael. I remember when I was about 10 minutes into it and thought I might just collapse on the mat and die. We had just finished doing goblin squats and Michael smiles and says “ok, good warmup. Now for the workout”. If I could have moved my legs at that point I might have just walked out and gave up. Then Michael started explaining each part of the workout and key movements. Everything he was explaining sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking but somehow I managed to get through class. As I’m dragging myself out of the gym Michael gives me a high five and says “You made it. It will be easier tomorrow.” I went back the next day and made it through class. The more I went to class the more Charlie Brown’s teacher turned into my life changing coach Michael. It’s been a little over a year and a half since I started and I’ve lost 40 pounds of fat. Just fat. But the weight loss is only a small part of PGFit. Nutrition, hydration, stabilization, strength, and power are all incorporated into 45 minutes a day. I’m now in the best shape I’ve been in 20 years. I’m able to run five miles in the morning and still have a normal day. I actually look forward to 5am because I can go to the gym. About 90% of my office coworkers go to the same CrossFit gym. I hear everyday how someone has hurt their back or some other part. That doesn’t happen at PGFit. Every trainer actually knows what they are talking about, and they pay attention to how you body moves. I could write pages of good things PG fit has improved my life but I’ll sum it up to say “try it. You will be hooked. – Toby K.

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