Theresa J.

Theresa J.

I have always enjoyed exercising and I’ve tried a variety of workouts such as ballet, kick boxing, hot yoga, reformer pilates, and jazzercise.  Our metabolism slows as we age causing muscle loss and fat gain.  PGfit has been the “best fit” for me to decelerate that process. The difference has been the individual fitness evaluation and instruction that a personal trainer provides. From the beginning, Michael emphasized the importance of wearing a heart rate monitor to more efficiently track our target zones and improve our cardiovascular endurance.  The wrist bands are helpful in identifying muscle imbalances and range of motion deficiencies.  Stretching out with foam rollers before class and after with bands warms up muscles and smooths out knots.  This form of self-massage has been an invaluable practice for me that enhances the quality of each 45 minute workout.

When a state-of-the-art fitness center opened nearby with its numerous machines, classes, saunas and pools, I tried it.  In no time however, I returned to PGfit, because of its excellent trainers.  They modify each exercise for each of us as needed to prevent injury and periodically reassess our flexibility and balance. I have been able to track my progress on the electronic screen during session and with the provided app when on the go, which has motivated me to continually improve.

In almost two years of PGfit membership, I have lost 14lbs, 8% body fat and increased my OWNIndex fitness score by 14 points. The score and weight loss have been added benefits to my main goal of gaining strength and maintaining balance and flexibility. This IS the best I have felt in years.  I appreciate the professionalism, creativity, patience and fun that Michael, Seth and Kelsey bring to the gym.

Theresa J.


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