Teacher Appreciation Month

PG Fit Teacher Appreciation Month


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I think being an educator, like being a parent, is perhaps one of the most difficult yet most important jobs out there.

Would you agree?

After all, teachers and administrative team members at our schools are the ones who ultimately educate our future, right?

Well, I certainly didn’t appreciate that fact when I was in school, but looking back I sure am thankful for some of the teachers and staff who helped me through my youth. There were some really great people…

With summer approaching and the school year coming to an end, it got me reminiscing a little.

But, let me get to the point.

You see, I’d really like to do something special for the educators in our area this summer. Now, I can’t afford to throw a big party or send folks on cruises (I wish I could), but I CAN use my business to give back a little…

My name is Michael Romig, and I’m a fitness professional in Cypress, Texas. I also happen to own PG Fit, a progressive new fitness center that hosts “classroom style” group personal training sessions.

Our training is for ALL FITNESS LEVELS and really teaches members how to fit in fitness—something that can be really tough for busy professionals like you.

Anyway, a typical 2-3 days per week personal training classes goes for about [$199 – $249] per month, which is an extremely fair price considering all the things that come with membership.

However, in celebration of Teacher Appreciation Month, we are offering this month completely FREE OF CHARGE! We know you pour your heart and soul into your work with your students, and I want to let you know that you have my support.

I hope that you will allow me to play just a small role in helping you feel fresh, energized, and appreciated during YOUR month. So allow me to extend this gift of appreciation to you.

Here’s what you get for Teacher’s Appreciation Month if you contact us by 5/10/16:

  • One free personal training assessment
  • Accountability to reach your health and fitness goals
  • Our PG Fit Nutrition Guide
  • Access the the 5 Fundamentals of Health and Fitness (Our Success System)

And, if during your free month you find out you like working with us, we’ll give you the opportunity to sign up for the rest of the summer for only $149 per month (normally $249 per month)

All you have to do is fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch!

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