Hurricane Harvey Workouts At Home

Here are two workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere and without equipment.  All of the workouts are designed to take 15 to 20 minutes and only use the best piece of workout equipment:  your body.  You don’t need to lift weights to have a good workout or see results.

The best workout program you can follow is the PG Fit “Perfectible Workout”.  You can “modify” and “amplify” the exercises based on your ability and fitness level.  This is one of the most effective programs you can follow to start overcoming your muscle imbalances and demonstrate proper biomechanics.

Remember, there are seven fundamental movement patters that you are trying to help you master.  If you have the color that represents the muscle imbalance you need to work on, make sure to do the corrective exercise instead of the exercise or the progression.

Follow the principles of HIIT.  Download interval timer to help you time the workout.  Do 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest or active rest like jumping jacks.  Be creative.  If you can’t do jumping jacks, march or do high knees.  You can even use a cardio machine you have at home or do an isometric exercise like planks.  If jumping jacks are too easy, do something like burpees or Turkish get ups.  Try to complete 4-5 rounds.

Here is another workout that you can follow too.  Perform the following exercises in a circuit format completing one exercise after another with 40 seconds of active rest.  Follow the work-to-rest ratios as closely as possible.  The first number is the amount of seconds you will exercise.  The second number is the active rest time.  Complete all three rounds and have fun with it!

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