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Extend Your Corporate Wellness Plan

PG Fit offers corporate wellness plans for small businesses and corporations. The program includes a 12-Week Daily Journal to track your personal progress. Plus, you’ll get a nutrition intake and exercise program, a Low-Fat and Tasty Cook Book, and a 12-week educational curriculum called Weight Management and Lifestyle. Together, you will learn more about what it takes to lead a healthier lifestyle.

During your wellness plan, we’ll assess your body fat, weight, body size, flexibility, strength, blood pressure, heart rate, nutrition, stress-levels, lifestyle, disease risks, and more. We’ll continue work from there to create a plan that works for you!

From here, we will create a personal profile for each person at your company. You will also get a group report that will help you see your company’s progress.

Workshops on the principles of health and fitness are also available upon request.

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