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Michael Romig

Michael is a master trainer, author, wellness consultant, speaker, and the President and CEO of PG FIT. He is a certified and accredited personal trainer and nutritionist who has helped hundreds of clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Michael is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Health Science and finishing his MBA. He received a Master’s of Science in Exercise Science & Health Promotion and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. He currently holds several nationally recognized personal training certifications through accredited organizations such as NASM, NCSF, PFIT, NFPT, NSCA, CrossFit, FMS, TRX, USAW, Cooper, and ISSA. He also has seven advanced specializations in nutrition, PEMF, corrective exercise, performance enhancement training, rehabilitative exercise training, physical therapy, and strength and conditioning.

Michael is a member of AAU & USA Diving, and he is an All-American and national champion. Michael is married and has a fifteen-year-old son who is also a diver. He enjoys running and mountain biking with his Chocolate Lab, playing golf, and the occasional weekend skydive.

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    Either the form is not available or the ID 1869 is not related to any Infusionsoft Form...