Personal and Group Training

Fitness Programs That Meet Your Needs

When you choose to start building a healthier lifestyle, do it in a place you can feel comfortable in. At PG Fit, we’ll give you a personalized three-month program. From there, you’ll be reevaluated each month by going through the PG Fit Ranking System. At the end of the day, our fitness programs are tailored for you. That way, you can learn how to further your workouts and break through any plateaus.

Customized Fitness Program Options

We offer two basic programs to help fit your personal budget. The first program that we offer is our private training. Here, you can choose a complete customized 30-minute or 50-minute workout. You can also choose our small group training classes. Here, you will get a high-intensity, interval training class that will help increase your metabolism. You won’t even have to worry about keeping up with the rest of the class. We design each class to accommodate everyone no matter their fitness level. So, you can just look forward to working out in with a fun and uplifting group.
Personal and Group Training - Crossroads
Personal Training
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