pg fit ranking system

Achieve Your Optimum Health

Become healthy and fit this year thanks to our PG Fit Ranking system. The main goal is to help you become the most athletic you can be. To learn more, read on about how are ranking system works.

Our Rational

We created our ranking system after years spent working with our clients. What we’ve learned is that each person advances through the PG Fit ranking system differently. It makes sense. We’re all different people with different needs, right? So, we realized we needed to make a system that is based on your own set and goals and what you will need to achieve them.
Metrics for Success
There are many different metrics we use to determine your fitness level. You can advance through the ranks based on the metrics listed below. Just keep in mind that the goals and targets for these metrics are dependent on the first two fitness levels. We set up this way because gender and age are important factors to consider when determining your body composition, cardiovascular health, and fitness results.

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